Podtoid 29: We could only afford one Duran edition!

It’s up!

As promised, here is episode 29 of Podtoid. Your cast this week entered into a deadly kumite, and after all the dust settled only three people emerged, bloody, broken and starving. As a result, the Podtoid was handled by:

Nex ———————————- Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth

Leigh Alexander ——————– NYC Everything

Aaron Linde ————————- All Hands On The Bad One

Take a look at this previous post for topics covered, but otherwise tune in for about an hour of hard-hitting, Rivera-esque news and editorialization, sans sentient moustaches.

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[UPDATE: We seem to be experiencing technical difficulties that I have no idea how to fix. We have our most highly trained monkeys on the problem as we speak, and it should be back up to working order soon. When that happens, I shall update here again. We apologize for any inconvenience. — Nex]

[UPDATE TWO: I fixed it. — Nex]

Earnest Cavalli
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