Podtoid 28: This might kill Demios edition!

As proud as we are about actually having caused someone bodily harm with our words, we are also very sorry that we actually caused someone bodily harm with our words. Sorry Demios, but next time watch where the hell you’re going.

Piping hot from our oven, here is the latest episode of Podtoid. This week our cast consists of:

Nex —————————- Portland, OR

Ron Workman —————- Sarasota, FL

Aaron Linde ——————- Bellevueingham, WA

Colette Bennett —————- Los Angeles, CA

Joe Burling ——————– We assume he has a home

While I could take the time to tell you what went on during the Podtoid, I think that would dissipate some of the mystery around the whole thing. It’s just like when a girl puts out on the first date, and the guy never calls her again because he’s already made his conquest. See, the Podtoid is like a beautiful woman, who you can’t just bang one night and then forget about. No, you have to buy her things, maybe cars or expensive watches, and you have to meet her parents before you’ll ever get close to her theoretical, electronic bajingo. Mama raised us right, y’heard?

If you’re still interested, please hit up Podtoid.com or consult your local copy of iTunes.

Earnest Cavalli
I'm Nex. I used to work here but my love of cash led me to take a gig with Wired. I still keep an eye on the 'toid, but to see what I'm really up to, you should either hit up my Vox or go have a look at the Wired media empire.