Podtoid 28: Schedule Change Edition!

Now that the excitement of E3 is over, we’re getting back to business as usual, including the Podtoid. You might be thinking “Nex, isn’t this a bit late in the week to be recording this whole thing?” and yes, it would be if we hadn’t changed the schedule for the Podtoid. Henceforth, we shall be recording Podtoid Sunday evenings to appease our Lord, barring any scheduling conflicts that might move it to Saturday.

According to the cue card, topics for tonight include:

The WSVG premiere on CBS – Can this sort of thing ever be successful? If so, how?

Activision overtakes EA, and EA is pissed – What does this mean for consumers? Investors? Small children?

UK prisons give PS2s to inmates – What ever happened to just shipping them to Australia?

As usual, we’ll fill a large chunk of time with reader questions, and that’s where you come in. In our symbiotic relationship, you ask us questions, we answer them, and then you perch inside of our gaping mouths to eat bits of meat from between our teeth. Now is the time for questions, so please, get out of my mouth, and hit up the comments.

Earnest Cavalli
I'm Nex. I used to work here but my love of cash led me to take a gig with Wired. I still keep an eye on the 'toid, but to see what I'm really up to, you should either hit up my Vox or go have a look at the Wired media empire.