Podtoid 26: For serious this time edition!

For those of you who watch this site like meth-addled hawks, you know that while we had planned to record Podtoid 26 a few days back, the best laid plans of mice and men often fall the hell apart and make Nex cry like Robert Smith. In order to rectify the situation, we are recording the podcast this evening, and, since it has been a whole week, we need some more reader questions. So, hit the comments and generate content for us!

Some of the topics we shall be discussing this evening:

Contra 4 DS: Children these days have been raised on Nerf guns and child-proof bottles of Valium, so are they ready for old-school hardcore run and gun action?

Manhunt 2: The entire world has stamped a big red A on the chest of this title, yet a few of us are unwilling to let this murder-simulator slip quietly into pariah-status. This could very well be the last you hear from Messrs. Houghton and Sterling before they’re drawn and quartered for their gunpowder plot, so revel in how fancy their voices are while you still have the chance.

Ken Kutaragi abandons Sony: Is this a man leaping from the flaming wreckage of a company bound for an on-rushing cliff overlooking the valley of obselescence, or has he found greener grass on the other side of the fence?

Here’s your kid-tested, mother-approved cast:

Nex ——————– Host, Raconteur

Niero ——————- Robot, Alpha Wolf

Aaron Linde ———– King of Fighters, Mother of Four

Chris Furniss ———- Anarcho-Economist, Wallaby

Jim Sterling ———– Guy Fawkes Sympathizer, British Imperialist

David Houghton —— Timelord, Poofter

You have roughly nine hours before this whole thing kicks off, so get your questions in.

Earnest Cavalli
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