Podtoid 20: J?germeister & video games

[ Update: You can now stream it from Podtoid.com -Niero ]

This one’s a fatty, weighing in at an hour and a half, but it’s a good ride with guests like the lovely Jessica Chobot and Cheap Ass Gamer’s Cheapy D. Ron shows several glowing examples of his gaming knowledge (“which Warcrafts do I want?”) and makes sure that several questionable and obscene things are said – doing it like only Destructoid can. Also, Destructoid’s daddy joins the Podtoid, along with Colette, Aaron, and Hushgush, making this the episode you can’t miss. As always, be sure to digg this Podtoid if you dug it.

Who’s who:
Aaron Linde from Bellingham
Colette “Nakigo” Bennett
from LA
Ron Workman from Sarasota
Topher “Hushgush” Cantler from Hell
Niero from Miami

Special Guests:
Jessica Chobot from IGN
Cheapy D & Wombat from Cheap Ass Gamer

The Minutes:

00:00 CAGCast?!!
00:27 Changing things up a bit
01:56 Failure to welcome
02:26 Introductions
03:00 GDC = good times
10:05 Perform a live-action meatspin
12:00 The P. Oswald story
16:50 SxSW – the party continues
18:53 Miami, Dtoid’s One Year Anniversary Party
19:12 CTZ almost puts his penis in things
22:00 GDC 2007: Met Reggie, looked homeless
23:00 Niero speaketh
30:00 PS3 Launch in EU
34:30 Blu Rays and Bandanas
35:11 Commercial Break
36:27 Final Fantasy Flood
42:00 Devil May Cry exclusive no more
46:00 Digital distribution
48:51 Xbox 360 Elite
54:00 Tag-a-longs: Cheapy D and Jessica Chobot
62:00 Site news, for real this time
64:00 Maury Povich? Ronnie, is that you?
66:12 Reader Questions – drunk adventurees
73:00 PS3 Home – what the hell is it?
76:00 Folding left and right
78:33 Thanks for making sports worth watching
81:00 Ron knows games….wait
82:00 Chobot WINS!
84:48 Wii Online gets laughs
90:00 Destructoid: Your #1 source for beast+location

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