Podtoid 18: Destructoid takes L.A. — Ron’s dirty secret is finally revealed!

You are so not ready for this episode. So not ready. We guarantee that you’ll laugh, cry, and have to clean your ceiling fan after listening to Podtoid 18.

This week your Destructoid editors defecate on Mega Man ZX, discuss corporate greed as it relates to the now-dead Clover Studios, Okami Wii rumors, Gears of War Atari 2600 rumors, we get priceless moving advice from Rob Summa, and then Ron shatters Robert’s world live on the air as a big secret is finally let out of the bag. Things will never be the same — do not miss this show or we will come to your house and slap your mom! It’s a free download, stream it or leech it now!

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Your Podtoid Hosts

Earnest -NEX- Cavalli from Portland ……… Articles | MySpace
Robert Summa
in Los Angeles ……………. Articles | MySpace
Colette Bennett
in Los Angeles ………….. Articles | MySpace
Aaron Linde
from Bellingham …………….. Articles & Sex tape
Ron Workman
from Sarasota …………….. Forums | MySpace

Episode Guide:

00.00 … Cheetos, internets, we’re finally legal
02.15 … Mega Man ZX, does anybody give a f*ck?
04.30 … Robert Summa 5000G (piu piu piu!)
06.15 … Okami on the Wii: will people buy it?
12.18 … Clover Studios shut down, innovation pwned
17.00 … Gears of War runs on the Atari, Nex hates kids
19.00 … Xbox Live < PS3 dedicated servers with 5 guys
21.00 … The Wii voting channel — what is Ninty thinking?
26.00 … Bill Gates makes the best pizza, throws it at bears from helicopters
29.00 … New! Community events Mon-Friday at Destructoid
31.00 … The hot girls of Destructoid, where to find them
33.00 … Let’s play “Guess the Ron Workman Secret” game
36:32 … Robert Summa’s world changes, his finest performance ever
38:00 … Penis tastes like clouds, terrifies boys
42:00 … Reader Questions answered, in search of Clown Shoes
46:00 … Co-Op matters, dammit
52:32 … Nex has a Yob, what will end crappy licensed games?
54:45 … Illegal immigrants in California, ay dios mio
58:00 … Hail Satan; our podtoid engineer Dale is an asian Brian McKnight
61:00 … Piu Piu Piu Piu, Retoid?

Original article and forum poll follows: 

As some of you may or may not know, this week marks the arrival of Destructoid’s executive editor Robert Summa to the City of Angels. We will be podcasting live  tomorrow night, accompanied via interweb by Podtoid favorites Ron “amazingly large balls” Workman, Aaron “crisis averted” Linde, and Earnest “Nex goddamn I have a lot of names” Cavalli. We hope to discuss all manner of business, including the first steps in Destructoid’s eventual takeover of Los Angeles. We hope you’ll reply with your questions, comments and gameplans for world domination.

UPDATE: Tonight Ron Workman will unveil his extra special secret he’s been keeping under wraps all week long. Is Ron actually going to admit to his homosexuality? Will he leave Destructoid for an illustrious career at Microsoft? Do you dare to jump in the forums and guess? Make your vote count. The news wont be a secret for much longer!

Colette Bennett