Podtoid 118 is happening, we’ll talk about stuff

This week on Podtoid: butts, butts, butts!

Perhaps not. But Podtoid 118 is a thing that is still happening without fearless leader and agenda-setter-person, Anthony Burch. On tonight’s episode, I will be accompanied by producer Adam Dork and the normal Podtoid crew — Sports Sarkar, Aaron Linde, Topher Cantler and Jim Sterling. We don’t know who is hosting this thing yet, but hey, that’s part of the fun.

We’ll talk about things about things that are relevant to other things. As such, we’ll need you. Feel free to ask questions of us in the comments or even suggest something interesting you want us to talk about in there as well. The power is yours.

Remember: while the news has been slow the last few days, TGS ’09 was off the hook. There’s a ton of stuff we could talk about, so suggest, suggest, and suggest some more!


[Update: Mr. Linde is hosting; confirmed.]

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