Podtoid 115: Techno Remixes

The problem — and I think I’ve said this before in regard to fanart header images — the problem with having a really kickass community who makes stuff for you is that when it comes time to share their works in an official capacity, there are just too many. I would have loved to include every single techno remix inspired by Podtoid 114 in this week’s episode, but I had to settle for putting Super Mega Hyper‘s song at the beginning. You should still check out the Podtoid forum for the rest, though.

Anyway, this week’s episode is as meandering and weird as you might expect. Linde’s gone, but Brad/Chet fills in quite nicely. 

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This week’s most interesting question, which wasn’t really much of a question but still resulted in interesting discussion and a really horrendous quote from me, came from Tremulant. Email us at [email protected] and we’ll send you stuff.

Anthony Burch