Podtoid 110 isn’t Double Dragontoid — sorry

Jim can’t make it, so we’re not doing the Double Dragon commentary tonight. I do apologize. We’ll do it next week, if at all humanly possible. Still, I present you three fantastic illustrations by Guyver 0, Kiranio, and Technophile as an apology.

This week, I guess we’re doing news stuff. Topics include: the place of cut scenes in games versus designing a story based around systems and player choice, the possibility of a Crimson Skies sequel, and Activision CEO Bobby Kotick’s desire to raise game prices.

We need listener questions, obviously, and I presume you will be the ones to deliver them. Feel free to hit the jump and start asking random (but ideally game-related) stuff for the chance to win a Dtoid swag bag.

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