Podtoid 109 is all about the listeners

We have an incredible fan base that draws awesome Podtoid fan art. This is a fact, as the above picture and those included below in the gallery will no doubt convince you.

Cadtalfryn made the above Super Samit World image, Avalon drew us as the cast of Lupin the 3rd, Shakey 1245 made a Prince of Podtoid poster, Grievetrain depicted Aaron’s weekend hobby, and Phallus Knife Fight…well, you’ll probably be able to tell which one he drew.

On to the business of the actual podcast itself: this week’s episode is a fully listener question-driven affair. It’s been a while since we built an entire episode on your guys’ queries, but the time feels right once again.

You know the drill: hit the jump and start asking questions for the chance to win a Dtoid swag bag. 

Anthony Burch