Podtoid 109: Dried grapes

I fear one day will come when Podtoid stops becoming about actual gaming news and almost solely becomes a weekly delivery of sex and sports jokes.

Then I realize that happened about twenty episodes ago, and I stop worrying. 

This week’s Podtoid can be listened to here, as usual, or you can subscribe to us on iTunes.

Highlights include: 

– Be prepared for Robert Patrick’s Double Dragon next week

The Red Star is good

– I just realized we legitimately do not mention Half-Life or Metal Gear Solid a single time throughout this entire episode

– I think we should get an award or something

Our favorite question this week came from Stevil, who gave us all opportunities to talk about games nobody else has ever heard of. Email us at podtoid[at]destructoid.com and we’ll send you a swag bag.

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