Podtoid 107: near death experiences

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This week’s Podtoid is about as enjoyably typical an episode we’ve ever done: it’s got a good mixture of weird, unstructured BS’ing and Serious News Discussion. And the first twenty minutes consists almost solely of Samit-bashing.

You can listen to it here, as usual, or subscribe to us on iTunes.

Highlights include:

– As promised, twenty minutes of Samit-bashing

– Jim is prepared

– Penn and Teller’s Bullsh*t!

– New revenue models

– Email me at reverendanthony[at]gmail[dot]com if you’re pretty decent at modding and find the concept of working on a nonlinear zombie survival game appealing

This week’s question prize goes to Xhumation, for asking a question so ludicrously out of Podtoid’s scope that I consider it amazing Aaron Linde managed to come up with a response. Email us at podtoid[at]destructoid.com and we’ll send you some stuff.

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