Podtoid 106: Special Limited Collector’s Edition

Since the Earth saw fit to swallow up Anthony’s internet connection last night, the rest of the cast soldiered on with the handsome Aaron Linde acting as host. That also meant I had to edit, which is why I’m writing this post instead of Anthony. Sorry to move your cheese. It still turned out to be a good show, where we talked about stuff like:

  • I’m not the only one who loved Wind Waker
  • Same goes for cel shading
  • Modern Warfare: Big F*ckin’ thing edition
  • Tomb Raider needs more zombies
  • The return of Uncle Reg
  • 20 bucks in a box for $10

As always, subscribe to the show on iTunes to get it early, or check it out right here. Anthony will be back next week, when we’ll probably talk about the Penn & Teller thing that we skipped this week in his absence.

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