Podcastle episode six records this evening: The best of Europe

It’s Tuesday and I’m currently playing Lost Odyssey, but because SOME people insist on downloading our podcasts, I have to keep making them. So yeah, thanks very much for stopping me playing that awesome, awesome game (and it IS awesome).

Speaking of awesome games, that is the subject of tonight’s episode — more specifically, the awesome games that have come from Europe over the years. This time around, the usual co-hosts Wardrox and Atheistium will be joined by Dtoid community member Dan Gale, the first of hopefully many community guest stars. Gale is Northern like Wardrox, so expect a full discussion on Lancashire Hotpots, traditional ale, and Jack Duckworth.

Also, to make everyone angry before the show records at 18:00 GMT, here’s what Wardrox just said to me while I was typing this up. He was talking about Space Giraffe:

“Whats the difference between Rez and SG? wait, THERE ISN’T ONE.”

As ever, you can put your thoughts, additions, suggestions and questions in the comments. Also, feel free to flame Wardrox for what he just said.

Jim Sterling