Pocketwatch Games working on bringing Tooth and Tail to Switch


Replying to a fan on twitter, indie-outfit Pocketwatch Games have subtly suggested that plans are in motion to bring farmyard-warfare title Tooth and Tail to Nintendo Switch.

Released last Fall, Tooth and Tail is a curious, downbeat story of a community of countryside critters who’re thrown into violent, back-stabbing conflict over control of the food chain. Gameplay itself is a scaled-down version of strategy titles such as StarCraft and Command & Conquer, with players taking to the front line themselves as one of a number of delightfully devious anthropomorphic characters.

Unlike many of the strategy titles it draws inspiration from, Tooth and Tail’s battles play out at a quick pace, often ending with 10-15 minutes, so it would make for a great strategy game on-the-go. Here’s hoping that Pocketwatch Games succeed in bringing this unique indie-hit to Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Tooth and Tail is available now on PS4 and PC. 

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