Please? Pretty please?

Square Enix is very excited about Final Fantasy XV and tonight’s big “Uncovered” event. With good reason, too. Final Fantasy XV is a huge upcoming game, and the publisher spent a lot of money putting together this worldwide hootenanny.

Then people went and fucked everything up.

The first leaks came by way of a Chinese ad. Then, GameSpot (a publication that’s almost certainly under strict NDA about all of this) went and blew the roof off the rest of it.

Square Enix, doing its best to not seem discouraged (alternate mood: pissed off as all goddamn hell), sent out this tweet:

“Please be excited.” That’s pretty great. If your excitement had waned as a result of those news leaks, go ahead and drum it back up. Politeness is always the answer, no matter how inadvertently pathetic it might sound. Basically, Square Enix is Jeb Bush now.

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