PlayStation’s July Savings sale knocks Far Cry 3 Classic Edition down to $3

Bang for your buck

The PlayStation Store is doubling up on discounts this week, and if nothing else, I’m considering Far Cry 3 Classic Edition. I don’t need to tear through the tropics again, but for three bucks, well, maybe I do!

There are two lists to scroll through if you’re looking to shovel more PS4 games into your backlog. The July Savings sale has Bloodborne Complete Edition for $17.49, No Man’s Sky for $24.99, Resident Evil 7 for $9.99, Inside for $7.99, Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds for $4.99, and Jak and Daxter for $7.49.

There’s also a Games Under $15 listing. I would look into Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen ($8.99), A Hat in Time ($14.99), Graveyard Keeper ($5.99), Amnesia: Collection ($4.49), Pac-Man 256 ($2.49), SolSeraph ($5.99), Batman: Arkham Knight ($9.99), and arguably even Metal Gear Survive ($7.49). It’s uncanny.

There are a few hundred deals in total and they’re sticking around until July 22, 2020.

July Savings, Games Under $15 [PlayStation Store]

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