PlayStation’s Black Friday sale starts right now, more than 100 games discounted

See something you like?

Never one to be outdone, PlayStation has unleashed its own mad flurry of discounts unto the world. What? You didn’t think Sony would sit this one out, did you?

The PlayStation Black Friday Sale just started and there are more than 100 games that are discounted. A few highlights are Overwatch for $35, Far Cry Primal for $15, Hitman Season One for $36, Star Wars Battlefield Deluxe Edition for $14, and The Witcher 3 Complete Edition for $30. There’s a notable lack of first-party games, however; maybe those will show up closer to the actual Black Friday, probably in a Flash Sale. Also, Vita owners (who should be used to this by now) will probably be left unsated, as there are only six titles on sale for the handheld platform.

While not everything is a winner, there’s some decent stuff mixed in here. Each deal carries an additional discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and it looks to be in the neighborhood of 10 percent. Go ahead and rummage around in Sony’s bargain bin; there’s plenty of time, as this runs through the morning of November 29. If you’re interested, check out Xbox’s sale too.

Black Friday Sale [PlayStation Store]

Brett Makedonski
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