PlayStation will have timed-exclusive Destiny 2 content

‘Until at least fall 2018’

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They say history is destined to repeat itself. That will be the case with regard to timed platform-exclusive content in Destiny 2.

Just like with the original Destiny, the sequel will have some content coming to PlayStation 4 before Xbox One. That revelation comes via a tacked-on stinger to today’s Destiny 2 teaser via the PlayStation YouTube channel. The last few seconds of the video mention PS4 getting timed-exclusive content “until at least fall 2018.” It also says that more details will come this summer.

It’s obviously too early to know exactly what this will be, but it sounds like it could be a perfect retread of the path Activision and Sony took in 2014. That roadmap had PS3 and PS4 getting early access to certain multiplayer maps, strikes, and weapons. More significant add-ons like The Dark Below and House of Wolves released simultaneously on all platforms.

In fact, this (probably) extremely similar sidling up might not even be a new arrangement; it could very easily be a continuation of the original deal, as Destiny as a franchise has always been reported to have a 10-year plan right from the get-go. Those are business details that we’ll likely never know, but it’s certainly feasible that Sony jumped at the chance to wrap up as much of Bungie’s newest shooter as it possibly could.

That’s really neither here nor there, though. What matters is that people who want as much Destiny content as soon as possible should probably look PlayStation 4’s way when the sequel releases later this year — and that’s exactly what Sony wants.

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