PlayStation VR is up for pre-order

Just the $400 standalone unit

Did you just spend a month’s rent on an Oculus Rift (less than a month’s if you’re in San Francisco, too)? Perhaps you’d like to pay in advance for a standalone PlayStation VR? It’s “only” $400, which is definitely less money than its competitors.

However! Be mindful that you need also need a PlayStation Camera if you don’t have one. Plus a lot of PS VR games seem to use PS Move controllers. While the standalone hat is available for pre-order ahead of its October launch, you might want to wait for a bundle that gets you truly VR-ready. We have a guide for that here.

You also might want to wait for Sony to announce the new, more powerful PS4 that will likely improve VR experience and could come bundled with PS VR.

All these caveats aside, if you still must pre-order a standalone PlayStation VR face mask, try Best Buy, GameStop and Walmart. It’s already unavailable through Amazon at time of writing.

Steven Hansen