PlayStation trucks on the road again, LittleBigPlanet is playable within

LittleBigPlanet is a game I desperately want, but have tried to shove to the back of my consciousness sometime last year after I realized it wasn’t coming my way anytime soon. It looks like I can finally reclaim my sense of excitement, because the PlayStation Experience and PlayStation Patrol trucks are scheduled to travel again this year — and they are offering gamers a chance to finally play LittleBigPlanet! Woo!

The PlayStation.Blog has a ton of cool pics of what the trucks will look like this year inside and out, including a Rock Band stage, a SingStar stage, and a Gran Turismo 5 area, complete with Logitech Driving Force GT steering wheels. Check out the tour list here and here to see if it will come anywhere near your side of the tracks.

[Thanks, Joe]

Colette Bennett