Returnal and other pricey PS5 games are under $50 at the PlayStation Store

Dodging bullet-hell projectiles in Returnal

Returnal, Demon’s Souls, and Miles Morales Ultimate Edition are under $50 right now

Slightly hidden in an unassuming Weekend Offer sale on the PlayStation Store, you can find some of the best early PlayStation 5 games with honest-to-god discounts.

If you skipped Returnal at launch because $70 is just too much on the line for a great-for-some-but-not-all roguelike shooter, you might be tempted by a 29 percent discount.

Same goes for Demon’s Souls. It’s my favorite PS5 game to this day, but some players are thinking of entering the Souls series with this remake, and again, seventy dollars. While I rarely have buyer’s remorse with video games, they’re starting to feel higher stakes.

Here’s the full list of deals. It’s short but high-impact.

The sale runs until June 28, 2021.

As more of you are able to land a PS5 throughout the year, I’ll feel obligated to share deals like these as often as I can. “Around $50” seems like Sony’s new go-to sale price.

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