PlayStation Store Update: Capcom floods the network with awesome

This week’s PlayStation Network update is dominated by Capcom awesome, including the much-anticipated Bionic Commando Rearmed for $9.99; the game supports remote play, so you can play it on the crapper! A demo of the game, along with a demo for Capcom’s 1942: Joint Strike, is also up for grabs for the cool price of “free.” The PlayStation 1 version of Street Fighter Alpha is also available today, just not in the UK. Oops!

Not into Capcom classics or remakes? No worries; sports gamers can grab the demos of 2K’s NHL 2K9 or Electronic Arts’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09. It’s my understanding that one of those games is a hockey game and the other one is golf, but we haven’t confirmed that with our sports editor, so take that as rumor only.

The “Roadrunner Rock Band” pack is also now available, and most of the songs are blisteringly difficult in just about all categories, so take a deep breath before diving in. A ton of trailers have also been added, including a new one for the zombie-apocalypse PSN game, The Last Guy. Two PS3 themes are up for grabs, too: one for BioShock and two for Bionic Commando Rearmed

You can turn on your damned PS3 and check out all of this stuff and more yourself, or feel free to head over to the PlayStation.Blog for more details.

Nick Chester