Playstation store in my PSP?

Apparently in the past many PSP users clamoured for the ability to download content directly from the PSP store to their PSPs instead of using the PS3 as a go-between. Seems like a pain in the ass, especially if you don’t own a PS3 just yet. Now the news is here: Sony has announced the PSP store will be available sometime in the future for direct use on the PSP via a WiFi connection.

Chris Eden, SCEA’s senior developer relations account manager, let this little tidbit leak during a talk at this year’s GDC. I’d like to be excited about the prospect, but I think there needs to be content in the PSN store that I actually want to buy first. I love the Patapon demo and I’ve played it to death, but beyond that there isn’t much to download. I think I feel brave enough to say it, in fact: Why don’t you focus on making more games instead of other services, Sony?

[Via Ars Technica – Thanks, Justin]

Colette Bennett