PlayStation Store is hosting a few big sales on PS4/PS5 games

PlayStation Store sale

The Mid-Year, Level Up, and Games Under $20 sales are all running right now

The PlayStation Store is hosting three major sales (and a “Deal of the Week” promo on The Sims 4), so there are a lot of discounts floating around right now — even more than normal. There’s a Mid-Year sale on big PS4 and PS5 games, a Level Up sale on DLC and expansions, and a Games Under $20 sale with indies, hidden gems, and older titles.

Where to start? I never know. I’m just going to toss out some chaotic recommendations.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands ($47.99 for PS4; $71.99 for PS4/PS5 with the Season Pass) and Riders Republic ($23.99) are two games I ended up enjoying far more than I would’ve expected. The former had a not-too-jarring D&D-ish story campaign, and the latter was a good way to unwind in a care-free extreme-sports open world with fun traversal options.

If you’re looking to fill the Elden Ring-sized hole in your heart, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice ($29.99) is waiting, as always. You might have some whiplash — Elden Ring has so many potential builds, while Sekiro is super focused with a bit of wiggle room — but it’s worth putting time into. When everything finally clicks into place, few games pay off better.

You might find a hidden gem in the Games Under $20 section, which is usually the most exciting place to poke around. Here are some assorted deals that stood out to me.

AI: The Somnium Files
AI: The Somnium Files is on sale just ahead of nirvanA Initiative.

Budget PS4 game picks

Sony has a full list of deals for the PlayStation Store Mid-Year sale, if you need it.

The Mid-Year, Level Up, and Games Under $20 sales are running through July 6, while the Sims 4 deals, including expansions like Cottage Living, are here through June 29. My fiancée adds another expansion to her collection every time there’s a discount like this, and I swear there’s no end in sight. Every time I check back in, everyone’s all grown up.

I’ve been on the fence about upgrading to PlayStation Plus Extra lately, but I have plenty to play as is, and my backlog-clearing pace can’t keep up with PlayStation Store sales. (Should I keep chipping away at collectibles in Ghostwire Tokyo? No. But I can’t help myself.)

I do hope more people give Sekiro a chance. I want to see it climb the FromSoft tier list.

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