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PlayStation Showcase 2023 predictions for the Destructoid community Part 1

The arcana is the means by which all is revealed…

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Well, E3 is dead. It has officially ceased to be. That doesn’t mean E3 predictions have to die. It just means we have lots of different streams to predict for now. In the past, we’d collect community questions and do a long-form predictions post where we divine the outcome by tarot cards or zoo animals. Maybe a coin toss or Magic 8-Ball shake.

I prefer tarot because I’m a shut-in, and the zoo is a three-to-four-hour drive. I’ve buckled down and studied this last year too, reading tarot books and collecting decks in numbers that would probably disturb most YouTube and TikTok readers. And unlike them, I know the Ten of Swords means your ex isn’t coming back.

Sorry. That person in the card has ten swords in them. That screams “Game Over.”

But yeah, summer video streams have killed E3. Nintendo Directs started that trend, and Sony hates it when Nintendo has the world’s attention. You’re all playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom (and so am I), and Sony, much like a cat sitting on your keyboard, firstborn, or tarot cards, would like your attention now. The PlayStation Showcase will begin on Wednesday, May 24th, at 1:00 pm Pacific Time. I’ve collected several questions for Playstation games from our community. We’ll go with five today.

Cockaroach asks: Will Sony ever release Bloodborne on PC?

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A Bloodborne question gets The Old Hunter Tarot deck! And while this was a PC question, Bloodborne is a PlayStation IP FromSoftware did, so let us enter The Hunter’s Dream!

This is looking good, actually! A Four of Wands lays a foundation, one that is cause for celebration if a bit bloody, apparently. And, ah, the Ace of Swords was at our side all along! Ludwig’s Holy Blade! A spark of intellectual potential suggests someone out there is pushing to make a PC port happen!

The King of Wands, one of passion, movement, and, apparently, upgrade material, represents this individual. But Temperance asks for a level-headed approach, perhaps some patience, as there are obstacles like Elden Ring DLC. Judgment will come soon enough, as Ludwig claims his blade! Rapture by the moonlight! A return to the hunt!

depheonix asks: Will PlayStation announce something too early again?

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As Lady Maria would say, “A corpse should be left well alone.” In this case, a game not ready to be shown probably shouldn’t be announced at all. Will PlayStation heed this High Priestess and her intuition?

Apparently not. A Seven of Pentacles emphasizes patience and hard work, but this is reversed, so we’re in that situation where someone is counting their chickens before they’ve hatched. A Page of Wands reversed supports this because youthful impatience, while creative, might put their hand on the stove.

Or they attempt to wake Lady Maria and get thrashed accordingly.

CelicaCrazed asks about new Warhawk, Resistance, and Killzone remasters, and if PSVR2 will get a price drop.

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Whoa, whoa, whoa, that’s like four queries inside one! I know my Dungeons & Dragons deck gave you a happy contented gnome for Warhawk last year, which is basically the Four of Cups.

Well, we’ll do some Persona card pulls for the other questions and a Magic 8-Ball shake for Warhawk.

Warhawk: “Outlook good. There ya go. It agrees with the gnome.

Resistance and Killzone collections? Got a reversed Six of Pentacles. Miserly behavior instead of charity. You’re losing some yen here. I pulled a Queen of Swords to clarify, and she’s not gonna sugarcoat it—if these games come out again, you’ll be paying for them separately.

PSVR2 price drop? Looks like you’ll be disappointed. The Lovers card is overturned. It’s not only a card for romance but one of choices. When Sony doesn’t win—and PSVR2 doesn’t seem like a winner—they choose to pout and take the ball home.

And the Nine of Swords is one of those sad, anxious, sorrowful cards. All these games want to be played but are bound by the price of the PSVR2 for some time. A nightmare, to be sure.

Neronium asks: Will Ape Escape ever come back?

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The Four of Swords is one of rest, mediation, and another one of those critical foundation cards. And rest was necessary because the Five of Wands indicates conflict, a rivalry — a fight to decide what PlayStation project moves forward!

And here is a Four of Wands again! Team Ape Escape won that conflict!  Sadly, it was a short-lived victory because it all fell apart in a destructive Tower moment. Or Jim Ryan hated its existence.

Clarknovalis asks: Will Final Fantasy XVI be disappointing for old, single-player FF fans, or will it prove to be a new point of reference for them?

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I’ll wrap this entry up with my Yoshitaka Amano deck!

Have you ever wanted coins on your head? This Knight of Pentacles is apparently into that. He’s laying some serious gil on that goat. Or maybe it’s a dragon with a goatee. It’s hard to say, but the goatee dragon seems pretty zen about this unexpected blessing.

The Two of Swords shares your uncertainty. Dual welding has its pros and cons, after all. In this case, you have time to adjust and likely will. An Eight of Swords usually shows feelings of confinement, as if obstacles are all in your head. In the case of this reversed card, the obstacles don’t exist because you have a sword in each hand and coins on your head. You’re free of fear and burden. Go with it! Become Clive!

The Sun is reversed, but it’s all good. It’s a little sun, if you will, which either means you’ll have a good time with Final Fantasy XVI or a Miqo’te black mage just turned you down in front of your bros.

I have a few more PlayStation queries to answer later, so see you then!

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