PlayStation Portable: The great corporate motivator

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In all the places I’ve worked (barring Destructoid, of course,) the great motivating corporate line was “do this or you’re fired.” I can’t say I’ve ever been given reason enough to give a single solitary crap about most of the companies I’ve worked for, but perhaps if I was in the employ of Fosters, it’d be a different story. The brewery has been, after all, handing out PSPs to its workers.

Fosters hired a new sales team to help with the promotion of famous Belgian lager Stella Artois, a beverage that should be familiar to anybody who watches movies on the UK station Channel 4. In order to get its new team excited about the brand, Fosters eschewed the usual handbooks and powerpoint presentations in favor of something far more luxurious — fifty custom PSPs.

The Stella Artois PSPs come in hand-stitched velvet cases branded with the lager’s logo. Further to that is a customized version of the system’s XMB which features logos pertinent to Stella Artois, and each machine is packed with artwork and information about the lager’s history and heritage. 

Apparently the scheme worked, with each PSP owner hitting sales targets and being delighted with their little marketing tool. And some of you cynics say the PSP is useless. 

[Cheers, Matthew]

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