PlayStation Plus hits over 20 million paid subscriptions

Sony probably wishes it charged sooner

All through last generation, I kept hearing the same thing from developers I spoke too — Sony should tie online play to a PlayStation Plus subscription. So they did on PS4, and it’s been wildly successful, due in part to Sony’s crazy install base.

Just this week Sony broke down its new numbers through its Investor Day report, noting that it has 20.8 million paid subscriptions for PlayStaton Plus, which is roughly half of the entire PS4 owning community. A lot of the other tidbits are marketing jargon and investor hype, though the fact that Sony has no plans on changing their “mid-range core” strategy is kind of interesting, and that they’re doubling down on PlayStation Vue (though no numbers are provided).

Nothing on the PlayStation Neo was mentioned in the report.

IR Day [Sony]

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