PlayStation Phone is a possibility, claims Ericsson Prez

Hideki Komiyama, president of Sony Ericsson, has expressed interest in working with the PlayStation brand to help his mobile phone division break into the gaming market. Komiyama admits that Ericsson has failed to keep up with the ever-changing market, especially proving itself unable to stand up against the iPhone.

Ericsson has previously worked with the Walkman and Cybershot brands, and this leads Komiyama to suggest that a PlayStation-branded phone “could happen,” also adding that: “If we do not adapt to this new technology or new market environment, we’re going to lose.”

It’s obvious that these days, it’s not enough to just be a phone anymore. Perhaps PlayStation could help to create a more desirable phone in the face of Apple’s trendy product, but it will take more than a few games to help topple such a giant. Would you be interested in a PlayStation Phone, or should Sony just concentrate on making the PSP more useful?

Jim Sterling