PlayStation Now not dead, service adds over 100 games

But, you know, are they playable?

I don’t know anyone using PlayStation Now or even talking about PlayStation Now and the times I’ve tried it haven’t really worked, but Sony keeps chugging along with its games-on-demand, subscription-based streaming service. (I am genuinely interested if you’re subscribed, find it works, and find it worthwhile)

The program hit Japan last month and the UK this month.

Today the US PlayStation Blog announced the addition of 105 games to the service, almost doubling the offering to a total of over 250. Sony’s taking advantage of its close relationship with Capcom (see: Street Fighter V), as “21 of these new additions come from renowned publisher Capcom, who will be adding top franchises, such as Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Lost Planet, Mega Man, Dead Rising, Bionic Commando and more”

Top franchises such as Lost Planet.

To be fair, the other 80 new titles are sort of meh.

Steven Hansen