PlayStation Network Update: Win a Car edition

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In this week’s PlayStation Network Update, there’s plenty to play and watch, but only one of the items could help you win a new car. It doesn’t hurt that the GRID demo (961mb) is also pretty kick-ass. After getting the control scheme down, I found myself addicted to the drifting section of the demo.

Actually, all the demos are pretty good this week. There are demos for HAZE and The Bourne Conspiracy (each about 1.5gb), and the HAZE demo even supports multiplayer. The downloadable title Rocketmen: Axis of Evil also hits this week for $9.99, and the PixelJunk Monsters Encore expansion pack includes 15 new levels for $5.99.

Rock Band never misses a week, and this week they offer Scene Pack 01 ($5.49), which includes acts like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Fall Out Boy. Guitar Hero III has a Muse pack for $6.25.

As for freebies, there’s a bunch of PixelJunk Monsters goodies like wallpapers and a theme. There’s also the decidedly generic “sports theme.” 

And finally, as always, there’s a crapton of videos. Highlights include HD versions of the Mercenaries 2 and Overlord: Raising Hell trailers, as well as one of Mirror’s Edge gameplay. 

What are you downloading this week? 

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