PlayStation Network Update: Devil May Cry 4 edition

Finally! The beautiful, button-slamming goodness of Devil May Cry 4 hits the PlayStation Store as a demo (639mb). Sure, it’s not much more than a little teaser, but look at it! Isn’t it pretty? The Club also comes this week in demo form, weighing in at a whopping 1.70 GB.

This week brings us PixelJunk Monsters, which sports a limited time price of $7.99. “Tower defense” games are fun — it’s just too bad that I’m terrible at them.  There’s also the PS1 classic Jet Moto 2 ($5.99) for your PSP or PS3.

As far as add-on game content goes, there’s a free Folklore character named Quasarilli. This is the winning design of PlayStation Underground’s Folklore Create-a-Creature contest. Quasarilli is wind and earth Folk that summons the power of tornadoes and earthquakes to defeat its foes.  This week’s Rock Band content is all by Oasis, and includes “Wonderwall,” “Live Forever,” and “Don’t Look Back in Anger.” Lastly, if you have Stranglehold, you may want to grab the new map pack ($14.99).

This week’s videos and themes:

  • Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground – Stevie’s Skater Story
  • Step Up 2: The Streets Trailer
  • Dragon Wars Trailer
  • Lemmings Theme
  • PixelJunk Monsters Theme

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PlayStation Store for PC:

Of course, there is the previously mentioned Jet Moto 2 for $5.99, but you can also download game videos from  Soul Calibur IV, Lost Planet,  Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway Trailer, Dynasty Warriors 6, and Borderlands.

Dale North