PlayStation Network Update: A ton of Rock Band content, Open Tee 2 demo, more

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means — it’s “Mini Meat Loaf Day” at Albert R. Lyman Middle School in San Juan County, Utah! Oh, and Sony has also updated both the PlayStation Store on PlayStation 3 and PC.

On the console front, there’s not too much going on — no full games, no game demos. But nine songs have been added to the Rock Band Music Store, one of which — “Hysteria” — is the most awesomely fun song to play in Rock Band, ever. Period. End of story. Some game music is also available in the form of Japanese musician Otograph’s PixelJunk Monsters soundtrack, which is only $2.99 for 24 tracks. 

On the PC side of things, the PlayStation Portable gets one full game, the one-on-one brawler The Con ($19.99). Beginner and intermediate demos are also available for the forthcoming Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2, which will likely demonstrate that the game is just like the last game (and that will either make you happy or totally sick). 

Additionally, expect to find the usual smattering of wallpapers, and videos of games you’ve already seen on the Internet (but in full HD!). The full details of the update can be found over at the Official PlayStation blog

Anyone see anything they’ve just got to have?

Nick Chester