PlayStation Media and Events Space is a space for media… and events

A select group of 10,000 PS3 users had the chance to give Sony’s new PlayStation Media and Events Space a test run. They were able to use their console to experience a recent PlayStation Day from the comfort of their home, via the magic of the internets.

This test run gave virtual attendees VIP access to the Space, which was decorated with items from the real PlayStation Day, originally held on May 6th in London. This included the branding and artwork from each of the day’s PlayStation zones, according to Gamesdog.

They were able to walk through the space, look at pictures of games, view video of speeches on a “jumbo screen,” and stream video of the whole event. 

So, what the hell is thisPlayStation Media and Events Space? It’s an online venue that can be rebranded and used just like a real-life venue. It will now host everything from new game launches to sports events. Oh, and fashion shows? Why?

“As well as looking great, the Media and Events Space is flexible and user-friendly – it’s a real focal point for our virtual community,” said Home producer Martijn Van Der Meulen. “This was a very exciting first event and we’ve already received plenty of great feedback.” 

This sounded a bit screwy to me at first, but now I’m starting to realize some of the possibilities. This would be great for those that couldn’t be there, but still need to “be there.” What do you think?

Dale North