PlayStation Store indie games banded together for a big sale

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut art for the Thought Cabinet

Over a thousand PlayStation indies for PS4 and PS5 are on sale through June 18

We’ve seen the PlayStation Indies sale before, and we’ll see it again — but unlike a lot of the cookie-cutter promos that pop up, I like the frequency of these recurring deals. In my book, there’s never a bad time to play indie games, especially when we’re talking about some fantastic PS4 titles that are still very enjoyable on PS5, upgrade or no upgrade.

You can start browsing the PS4 and PS5 indie game sale over here.

This particular PlayStation Store selection covers over 1,300 entries, which means we’ll want to use some of those filtering options to cut through the fluff.


I always find it tricky to navigate which discounted games are cheaper (and perhaps better-played) on, say, PC, as well as the potential “most of us already got that game from PS Plus” caveat. One example: Frostpunk is free right now on the Epic Store. As always, take my picks with that in mind and see what everyone else is hollering about, too.

To see the entire list of games on a single page with all of the items written out, you can cross-reference this PlayStation Blog post and ctrl+f as you please.

The PlayStation Indies sale is also running in the UK and Australia.

These deals last until June 18, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific.

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