PlayStation Home is full of dirty chavs!

As if PlayStation Network’s Home service didn’t warrant enough of a stigma, recent stats confirm that it has become the Bluewater Shopping Center of virtual worlds, as gangs of “hoodies” now stalk its digital halls.

British readers will understand what a “hoodie” is, the hooded sweater that chavs are famous for wearing over their baseball caps and scarves (“hoodie” is also another nickname for a chav, since it’s part of their “uniform”).

The hooded sweatshirt, just like in real life, is the most popular piece of clothing purchased on Home, followed by the Resident Evil G-virus shirt. How ironic, considering the fact that chavs are as close to zombies as we’ll ever get.

Of course, this is more a tongue-in-cheek observation than anything else, but considering that the PS3 is very popular among British youth culture, and filthy charvers are stupid enough and/or have the stolen credit cards required to download Sony’s pretend clothing, it really wouldn’t surprise me that gangs of hooded youths patrol Home‘s streets just as they do the streets of Britain.

Jim Sterling