PlayStation Home gets voice chat next week (ZOMG!)

According to Sony, “tons of cool stuff” is coming to its Second Life clone/virtual advertising world PlayStation Home. Among the expected features is the return of an old one — voice chat! This comes on November 11 in Update 1.4.

Yes, despite the PS3 still lacking cross-game chat across the board, Sony couldn’t bear not allowing you to chat to idiots who spend real money on a pretend T-shirt just so they’d look better while playing sub-par bowling. The voice chat will be a dedicated feature in groups and clubs. Kind of like the 360’s Party Chat, except not useful. 

The wardrobe has also been improved, with the ability to tag clothes under “Favorites” and use a new storage section for items not commonly used. All this is in addition to a bunch of other features that shall allegedly have an “enormous impact” on Home users and developers. 

Awesome. Now if they could just improve the things on the PS3 that actually need improving, we’d have a rockin’ awesome system on our hands!

PlayStation Home gets voice chat, ‘tons of cool stuff’ next week [CVG]

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