PlayStation Home gets some Halloween crap

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It’s not just your local Walgreens that’s stocked to the gills with Halloween-themed pagan nonsense. Sony has jumped on the spooktacular bandwagon to provide Halloween costumes for PlayStation Home, that Second Life thing that nobody with a brain ever uses.

Home users can choose from a Weary Wolf, a Franklystines, a Ghosty and a Skellington. A new Burn Zombie Burn space is also available, and the US version of Home will go one step further, having the undead run rampant about town.

For the record, Walgreens has awesome Halloween stuff. Like, ten-foot tall Grim Reapers hanging from the ceiling, skellington prisoners in big cages, upside down vampire bats that you can dangle off stuff, ghosts that play the Halloween tune, and more masks than a rapist could use in ten years. I have no reason to really share that, but if you’re looking for Halloween nonsense, that’s the place to go.

It’s better than anything in Home, at any rate.

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