PlayStation Experience is happening again, but moving to SF

December 5 and 6, tickets on sale now

PlayStation Experience went through some growing pains for its inaugural show in Las Vegas last year. The spirit of the convention was right, but attendance seemed low, major publishers didn’t have much to show, and there were rumors of poor ticket sales. It was apparently enough to make Sony rethink its approach to the event.

There will be another show in 2015, but it’s ditching Sin City for the Bay Area. This year, PSX will be in San Francisco at the Moscone Center (West Hall) on December 5 and 6. Tickets are available now — they range in price from $75 for a two-day pass down to $40 for just Sunday. There’s an early bird offer to get both days for $60, but it’s limited in duration.

Now that Sony is done throwing a lavish celebration for PlayStation’s 20-year anniversary, it makes sense to scale PSX back to a more reasonable level. One-third of the Moscone Center in December is undoubtedly cheaper than space in Las Vegas. Also, Sony has offices in the San Francisco area, meaning that logistics will be easier (and cheaper) to arrange. Sony may have gotten bitten a bit last year, and as a result this is a much lower risk version of PSX.

PlayStation Experience Comes to San Francisco [PlayStation]

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