PlayStation Experience is back, but this time it’s in Anaheim

Tickets should be on sale soon

Like a free spirit or a wandering nomad, PlayStation Experience is on the move once again. In 2014, the inaugural PSX was in Las Vegas. Last year, Sony took over part of the Moscone Center in San Francisco. This year, it’ll take place in Anaheim.

On December 3 and 4, the third annual PlayStation Experience will take place in the Anaheim Convention Center. A registration page is up, but it doesn’t seem as if tickets are available just yet. Last year’s prices were $40 for a one-day pass, $75 for Saturday and Sunday, and a $60 early bird option for access on both days.

Things were looking kind of grim for the prospects of another PlayStation Experience. The 2015 show was announced on August 14, and we’re well past that date. However, it is worth noting that the first PSX wasn’t revealed until mid-October.

Now that we know PlayStation Experience still exists, we’ll surely find out more in the coming days. Tickets should go on sale soon. In the meantime, remember that tickets to Disneyland are always on sale.

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