PlayStation emulator running smoothly on HTC HD2 phone

HTC’s new HD2 phone is a beauty…except for that whole Windows OS crap. It’s a processing beast, though, and that makes it a prime candidate for emulation. PlayStation emulation, anyone? That’s the dream. A portable playing PlayStation games? Wait. Isn’t there already a game system that does that? And doesn’t it have buttons?

No matter. Seeing Tekken 3 running on a phone is pretty cool. Yes, yes. Yes, we see how you are scrolling through the menus. You can stop now.

It’s running crazy smooth, though. Not to be a stick in the mud, but there’s still no buttons. Still, this emulator, the FPSECE, is a beast. If this is version 0.10, this thing is going to be a killer soon enough. It kind of makes me wish my no-button phone had a beefy PS emu. Or that Sony would get of their asses and release all the PS games on the PSP.

HTC HD2 plays Tekken 3 using FPSECE emulator [engadget]

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