PlayStation Direct online store is now live in Europe and UK

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A brand new way to not find a PS5

Sony Interactive Entertainment has expanded its online outlet, PlayStation Direct, into Europe and the UK. The store affords customers the option of purchasing PlayStation hardware and peripherals directly from the manufacturer.

PlayStation Direct launched in North America in September of 2019, and has since been used by U.S. PlayStation fans to order consoles, controllers, games, and other PlayStation gubbins — straight from SIE to your front door. The initiative has made the journey across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe, with Germany opening its own PlayStation Direct site just yesterday, and the UK following suit earlier this morning. Other European countries, such as France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, are expected to follow in the immediate future.

While more retail options are always welcome, it should be noted that this does not necessarily mean that PS5-hunting players can just rock up and bag a shiny new console. PlayStation 5 continues to be a highly sought-after and short-supply piece of hardware, which is due to a manufacturing shortage as well as a retailer shortage. As such, while the opening of PlayStation Direct Europe absolutely provides customers a new avenue with which to purchase a PS5 console, it does not automatically increase the ready availability of said device. Keep hunting and Keep the Faith, folks.

Chris Moyse
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