PlayStation deals: $359 PS4, free PS TV bundle, or 20% off PSN credit

PS Plus card bundled in too

Lots of PlayStation 4-related deals on this fine Thursday afternoon morning, as Rakuten offers the console’s “choose one game” bundle for only $359.99. It’s even throwing in six months worth of PlayStation Plus access.

Over at Best Buy, the retailer must be itching to get rid of the PlayStation TV inventory it has stocked up because it’s now bundling the system in for free in a PlayStation 4 The Last of Us: Remastered bundle. For $399.99, you’re getting a decent value from an authorized Sony retailer. (The PS TV is worth about $60 to $80.)

Finally, another worthwhile PlayStation deal that’s somehow still in stock comes from PayPal Digital: $50 worth of PlayStation Network credit for only $40. If you do the quick math, you’re basically getting 20% off anything on PSN — a fairly rare deal, all things considered (now sold out).

All deals are expected to run through Saturday, February 28, though we suspect the Rakuten one will sell out first.

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