PlayStation and Xbox get Super Meat Boy Forever about one month after Switch

Prepare to die

It’s a little sadist of Team Meat to make the masochists wait an extra month. But, I guess the masochists will appreciate that punishment.

During last week’s Game Awards, we found out that Super Meat Boy Forever is launching on the Epic Games Store on December 23. It spurred us to email PR and ask about timing of the console versions. We got a big ol’ “We’re not talking about [that] right now.” With this morning’s announcement that Super Meat Boy Forever will be a Switch exclusive at launch, the vague non-answer made a lot more sense.

Other platforms won’t have to wait too long to jump in the grinder. PlayStation and Xbox versions of Super Meat Boy Forever are expected about one month later. That presumably means either late January or early February.

I, for one, am fine waiting another month. My reflexes go into hibernation at the end of the year. I just want to wrap up December with the least stressful games you can imagine. Then, once the new year hits, I’m back to peak performance. In fact, I might just wait until summer. Super Meat Boy Forever feels like it has big June vibes (or maybe my Vibe-O-Meter isn’t calibrated correctly).

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