PlayStation 4 will support authenticator apps with update 8.0

The current two-step system only uses text messages

As discovered by PlayStation 4 users participating in a beta test for the 8.0 system update, PS4 will support authenticator apps from the App Store and Google Play for two-step verification. There’s also a range of mostly minor new PS4 party features, but that’s the big-ticket item. It’s an important update.

According to a summary of the 8.0 update features posted to ResetEra, “After entering your sign-in ID and password on your PS4, you can complete the sign-in process by allowing the app access.” The note says that users can “download authenticator apps from the App Store or Google Play” but doesn’t suggest specific apps, and Sony won’t “guarantee the functionality of all authenticator apps.”

Sony already supports two-factor verification for PlayStation Network – and everyone should take the time to set it up to protect their account and game library – but codes are only sent via text message.

The 8.0 firmware beta is still fresh, so it could be a while before the system update is fine-tuned enough to be widely released. Even if you’re totally fine with SMS-based verification, options are good!

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