PlayStation 4 will be discounted to $250 through E3

Including the new gold model

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The Electronic Entertainment Expo is a mere week away, and that’s important because, amid all the pomp and circumstance, it’s where we find out the short-term plans for most video game companies. Sony is no exception, as it seems poised to make its traditionally-big impact on E3. And, while everyone is getting excited for things to come, Sony’s running a deal that makes it a little easier to pull the trigger on joining the PlayStation ecosystem.

According to a report from USA Today, the PlayStation 4 Slim will be discounted from $300 to $250. The sale will be temporary, from June 9 through June 17 — the dates surrounding E3. It’s also said that there will be “additional discounts on software and accessories.” There’s no mention of what stores will honor the deal, but these kinds of things tend to take effect at all major retailers.

What’s more, it sounds as if the recently-rumored gold PS4 will be included as part of this price slashing. It’s real, it’s gaudy, and it’s slightly more affordable than usual.

Although the promotion isn’t yet being advertised on any of PlayStation’s social media channels or the PlayStation Blog, a representative from Sony Interactive Entertainment America independently confirmed it to Destructoid. The marketing ramp-up will certainly happen in the days to come. So, for anyone looking to pick up a new PS4, you may want to hold out just a tiny bit longer.

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