PlayStation 4 players get to explore the Outer Wilds next week

Oh, the places you’ll go

Game of the year candidate Outer Wilds lands on a new platform next week. After successfully touching down on PC and Xbox One in June, it sets out to explore PS4 on October 15. It’ll cost $25.

It’s tough to nail down exactly what Outer Wilds is. It melds galactic spacecraft travel of Interstellar with a timeloop adventure akin to Majora’s Mask. Every 20 minutes, you’re pulled back to your home planet, free to head back out to far away space rocks in hopes of unraveling this giant mystery just a little bit further.

It’s a game that trades in revelation and discovery, the sort of experience where seeing it for yourself is its own kind of reward. If you’re not convinced, I’d urge you to read Josh’s 9/10 Outer Wilds review where he says it “brought to mind my favorite bits of Dr. Seuss’ Oh, The Places You’ll Go…except with more of the sun exploding.”

Brett Makedonski
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