PlayStation 4 is going for $329 at Walmart

Surprise Sunday deal is surprising

For this Sunday, Sony’s PlayStation 4 received a price drop to an all-time-low of $329.00 at Walmart. While not available for shipping, grabbing a unit at this price is more than feasible if you live in a major metropolitan area given how widespread the big box retailer is.

The caveat of course is if it’s available or in stock at your local Walmart (and visiting a Walmart during holiday season). If in stock, you can order online to pick up in store. You can even get a rain check of sort as the pick up time limit stretches to about 14 days before the order gets cancelled. Perfect if you’re off vacationing in the French Polynesian islands like I am (I’m actually not).

This is currently the lowest price we’ve seen for a PS4 via an authorized retailer (where Sony will honor the warranty). The last time it was on sale at this price point was during Black Friday through Newegg.

Unlike the Xbox One, the PS4 has seen little discount this holiday season as retailers and Sony has opted instead to offer free game bonuses, gift cards, and even free units of PS4 Camera.

The Microsoft alternative of course is its two-month-long $50 price reduction, discounts galore at retailers, and even additional free games on top of the price cuts.

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