PlayStation 3 to tour the UK. Kind of like The Beatles, except not

Despite Kaz Hirai’s claims that the PlayStation 3 is in unfathomable high demand, Sony still feels that not enough people have opened their minds to the power of Blu-ray. With that in mind, the PS3 is going on a sensational UK tour that will take it to the O2 Arena in London, as well as shopping centers, train stations and universities all across the nation.

“The main aim of the PS3 UK Tour is to showcase those capabilities which stretch beyond the realms of gaming to include HD pictures, music, photography, PlayStation Network and PSP compatibility,” claimed SCE UK Trade Marketing Manager Rosemary Buahin. “PlayStation 3 is a super-computer that fits naturally in the living room environment. With this in mind, we have created demonstration units which will allow consumers to freely experience the PS3 throughout the tour.”

So we’re back to calling the PS3 a super-computer now? That is one schizophrenic black box of Blu-ray. Regardless, if you’re feeling confused and alienated by Sony’s current marketing strategies (or lack thereof), then perhaps the PS3 tour will sway you.

All sarcasm aside, it always pleases me when a company makes efforts to reach out to the UK and European markets. If Sony wants to sell more PS3s, however, perhaps deciding on what to market it as while settling price/Dualshock concerns is more important than letting us know how good Talladega Nights looks in high definition.

[Thanks to TheGoldenDonut]

James Stephanie Sterling