PlayStation 3 Slims now in white and 320 GB flavors

Sony of Japan has announced that the 120GB HDD PlayStation 3 Slims are just not enough anymore. Starting July 29, PS3 Slims will now either come with a 160 GB HDD or a 320 GB HDD. The smaller end models will go for ¥29,980 (about $340) while the 320GB system will go for ¥34,980 (about $400).

Japan will be seeing a white colored PlayStation 3 Slim also coming out on July 29. The “Classic White” PS3 Slim model will only be available with a 160 GB HDD and will also run for the same price as the black colored version.

AndriaSang points out that all of the 120 GB models will go for open pricing starting tomorrow. This means that retailers in Japan can sell the old models for whatever price they want in order to clear shelves for the new systems.

No word on when or if these new PlayStation 3 Slims will be coming to US or European shores, but we’ll update you as soon as we hear anything.

Sony Readying Higher Capacity PS3s [AndriaSang]

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